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aquarium society clubs

Joining The Aquarium Society & Clubs

The reasons are legion, but because of the limited space, we will mention only the most obvious. The first and probably most important thing that comes to mind is the fellowship of meeting regularly with others with the same interests. The hobbyist who has no close aquarist friends is likely to become starved from a …

planting in aquarium

Planting in an Aquarium

Making a nice anchoring of rooted plants in a filled aquarium seems like a simple matter — except to those who have tried it without proper equipment. That is especially true when the sand is not as deep as it should be. Sticking them in by hand, water up to elbows, is never satisfactory. Pushing …

The Best Aquarium Fish - Guppy

The Best Aquarium Fish – Guppy

The Guppy is not only the most popular exotic fish, but it has been the most important in the development and spread of the aquarium hobby. Its bright colors of infinite variety, its lively habits, its ability to stand crowding, together with the fact (always so interesting to the novice) that it is a livebearer; …

aquarium cleaning

How To Keep Aquarium Fish Healthy

What you need to understand is that many people are not aware that there has to be special preparation of a new fish tank before it can be used for their fish products can help you to install your new aquarium and create a clean and healthy environment for your fish Here are some other …

Disease Free Fish At Pet Store

Disease Free Fish At Pet Store

A home aquarium is a thing of beauty, and can add interest to a room. It does require a bit of maintenance to ensure that the tanks occupants are all healthy. It is essential to make sure that you are buying healthy fish at pet store, as if you introduce an unhealthy fish to your …

Fish Aquarium Healthy

Fish Aquarium Healthy Guide-Day To Day

How to keep aquarium fish healthy is a common question both new aquarium owners and seasoned veterans ask. If you already have a tank you are probably fighting this battle every day, and if you are considering the purchase of one, no doubt you have many questions about keeping your tank clean and your fish …

Goldfish Tank care

Proper Care of Your Goldfish Tank

Many people have had a goldfish or two in their lives, only for the small fish to die for no apparent reason. The main problem is that there are a lot of misconceptions going around about how to care for these fish. People who think they are doing it right are actually doing everything wrong. …

Livebearer Babiesnewimg

Raise The Livebearer Babies

The part I enjoy most about our hobby is taking care of the babies. I await the arrival of the tiny new ones like an anxious grandmother. I can just about tell, to a day, when the blessed event will take place, much to the amazement of young fish fanciers. Most of our fish are …


The Cycles of an Aquarium

Did you ever think you couldn’t have fish because “they just die”? If all your fish die within a week of buying them, it’s not just the fish. The most common cause of mass fish deaths is an improperly cycled tank. Before you buy any fish, it’s absolutely imperative to make sure your aquarium is …

aquarium clean healthy

Daily, Weekly, Monthly – Aquarium Guide

An aquarium is an ongoing responsibility and requires daily attention, though if you keep up with the regular maintenance it is quite easy and doesn’t take much time. There are additional maintenance procedures required with various conditions, but here are a few things that must be done in every aquarium regardless of other factors. Daily …

Words Of Wisdom:

Every aquarium and fish enthusiast should strive to get ideal aquarium environment. However, that can be a challenge since there are factors about taking proper care of your fish that must be taken into serious consideration. Creating an exact image of fish natural within the confines of a glass tank can be a bit tricky but believe us, its easy doable. Just follow our guides and stay tuned for more! Just remember, creating and maintaining an environmental stability is very important for your fish pet to have quality life. Once that is all established you can both enjoy.

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